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Be in full control of your communications with your users, your citizens and your employees

The passenger information system for transit and smart city projects designed for your needs – today and tomorrow  


ITEStransit: Your control hub for visual communications with passengers

Recognized for its reliability and its highest standards in data management, the ITEStransit communication hub fuels effective signage networks and ensures uninterrupted operation. This flexible solution was created to help public transit companies and smart cities striving to offer a best-in-class experience to their citizens and their visitors, whether they are in a car, on a bicycle, on a bus or a train – or even if they are on foot.  

Explore the benefits of our turnkey software designed to improve urban mobility and optimize access to practical, automated and real-time information.  


Improve the passenger experience

With the ITEStransit real-time passenger information system, you can seamlessly promote communications with your passengers – as well as your employees!   

Bus shelters, airports, train or subway stations – smoothly share information, news articles or emergency guidelines and efficiently guide all users, wherever they are.  


Revolutionize urban mobility

Implementing ITEStransit’s dynamic signage and parking guidance solutions in your city ensures your visitors and your citizens fully enjoy everything you have to offer.  

Solve mobility issues and stay connected to the needs of your citizens by providing trustworthy, real-time information.   


Everything you need to know about our solution

If you have questions about installing software, managing content and users, setting up displays and editing templates, you will find all the answers you are looking for in our Knowledge and training base.


ITEStransit on the move

Find out how our solutions help transform operations in some of the largest cities and public transit companies in North America and around the world.  

Tell us about your needs

Our experts will work with you and help you choose and implement the best information-sharing solution for you, and will ensure the success of your transit and smart city projects.